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Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes are one of the few crops that flourish in North Carolina’s climate. The ones in your box come from Jillian & Ross at Open Door Farm down the road from us. They’re a pretty wondrous vegetable – creamy and sweet and nourishing. And they’re delicious mashed, roasted, hashed, and even just steamed! 


Do not put sweet potatoes in the fridge! Leave them on the counter or in a cabinet, open to the air. Will keep for a month, if not longer.

Cooking Tips

Our favorite way to cook sweet potatoes is simple: poke a few holes in their skin, slide them into a 350-degree oven, and roast until fully tender all the way through. Slice one open, melt a dollop of good butter on each half, sprinkle with salt and eat with a spoon. Sweet potatoes are also great diced and then roasted; and then made into sweet potato hash, sweet potato miso turmeric soup, or black bean sweet potato enchiladas. Or try them steamed with tahini butter!

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