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Sugarloaf Radicchio

Radicchios are a type of chicory green that thrive in cooler temperatures and are tremendously popular in Europe, where they're prized for their crispness and robust, somewhat bitter flavor. Sugarloaf is the sweetest, mildest variety of radicchio and is one of our favorites.


Sugarloaf radicchio keeps quite well in an open plastic bag, in the refrigerator, for two weeks or more.

Cooking Tips

Sugarloaf radicchio stands up to bold, rich ingredients like toasted nuts, garlic, capers, fresh breadcrumbs, anchovies (even if you think you don’t like them), and strong cheeses. Sugarloaves are at their brightest when eaten raw, in salads, but they also do well cooked, grilled in wedges, or wilted in a soup, risotto, or alongside beans. If serving in a salad, be sure to give it a stronger-than-usual dressing with sherry vinegar, red wine vinegar, and/or lemon juice.

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