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Pea Shoots

Pea shoots are the young tender growth of pea vines. They are delicate, lovely and taste exactly like spring!


Store pea shoots in a clamshell or plastic bag, in the refrigerator. They're best eaten within a few days. Please note that we typically don’t wash the salad greens we pack for you unless they’re very dirty, because they store better unwashed. If you choose to wash your salad greens, invest in a salad spinner so you can be sure to get them truly dry. (A wet salad always disappoints.)

Cooking Tips

Pea shoots can be dressed and eaten on their own or tossed into any salad. They also make a beautiful and nutritious garnish to almost anything: a grain or noodle salad, an omelette, a piece of meat, or a tartine/open-faced sandwich.

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