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Fresh (or "spring") onions are freshly harvested, before they've had the chance to dry down and cure. They tend to be mellower and sweeter than grocery-store onions. We grow fresh onions to harvest in May and June. In fall and winter, your box might have red or yellow cured onions grown by Open Door Farm.


Fresh onions will keep in a bag in your fridge for 1-2 weeks. Cured onions will keep in a bag in the fridge for weeks.

Cooking Tips

You can slice fresh onions lengthwise (with greens attached) and grill or roast them. They’re perfect for salsas. Try them thinly sliced, macerated (marinated) in vinegar or lemon and then added to salads. Fresh onions are wonderful sauteed with summer squash, made into a summer squash casserole, or baked in a savory vegetable galette (alongside summer squash, kale, chard, or fennel).

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