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Nothing says summer in North Carolina like just-picked okra. If you didn’t grow up with okra, try cooking it a few different ways: you might be surprised how versatile and delicious it is.


Eat okra as quickly as possible, because it doesn't keep well. Store in a paper bag in the fridge (it will turn brown if left in a plastic bag) and keep away from moisture.

Cooking Tips

The trick for delicious okra is high heat. If you’re not an okra fan because it’s too slimy, then try cooking it over higher heat and approach it with an open mind.


Fried okra is classic: Andrea Reusing’s Indian-inspired recipe from Lantern is wonderful. Okra also grills and roasts beautifully. We like to slice it diagonally, sear it in some oil in a hot skillet until brown, and then add chopped garlic and halved cherry tomatoes and let it all cook down until the okra is almost glazed.  

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