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Kohlrabi is fun because it looks like it’s from outer space, but, bonus: it’s delicious too. If you’re into crunch, like we are, you’ll love this sweet and super crunchy vegetable. 


If your globes have greens, separate them, store in a plastic bag, and eat within a week. Store the globes loose in the produce drawer of your fridge. They'll keep well for several weeks, if not longer.

Cooking Tips

If your kohlrabi comes with greens, saute them or add them to soup, as you would kale. But it’s really all about the globe with kohlrabi. To begin, remove the thick, tough outer skin. It’s often too thick and tough for a vegetable peeler, so we prefer a sharp knife. The color of the inside ‘meat’ of the kohlrabi should be an off-white color that will look different from the thick skin. Once the peel is off, you can do one of a few things. Slice, dice, or cut into matchsticks (a mandoline will help with this) and eat it raw in a salad, a slaw, or simply dressed with olive oil and salt. Prefer kohlrabi cooked? Chop it up and roast it, alone or with other fall vegetables or saute it with garlic, olive oil, and a little crushed red pepper. Or make it into a creamy soup. 

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