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Compared to the weeks-old pale bland celery at the store, freshly harvested celery is a revelation. A little of this celery will add a lot of flavor to all of your cozy soups, stews, and hearty salads.

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Store celery in a plastic bag in your fridge. Will keep for up to a week, if not longer — though the flavor will diminish the longer you wait to eat it.

Cooking Tips

If you love the flavor of raw celery, go ahead and chop it up, leaves and stalks, and add to salads or slaws with plenty of lemon and some sharp cheese and maybe some eggs, lentils, or beans. If you prefer it cooked and layered into a dish, try making a mirepoix or soffritto of onions, carrots, and celery. Use this as the base for chicken and dumplings, winter vegetable stew, or a classic pasta bolognese. Or go crazy and make yourself some ants on a log — I've been doing it, and it really is a wonderful snack! 

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