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The humble cabbage is a highly underrated vegetable. We love how versatile it is: eat cabbage raw; in a range of slaws or ferments; or cooked, roasted, braised, sauteed, grilled or turned into soup or stew.

Cabbage close up.jpg

Store cabbage in an unsealed plastic bag in your fridge. Will keep for several weeks, if not longer.

Cooking Tips

Varieties that are pointy or cone-headed are particularly tender and are ideal for slaws, salads, quickly cooked on the grill, or sauteed.

The more classic round varieties of cabbage are good in ferments (like a sauerkraut), or slow cooked (like in a gratin, a soup, or a braise). We love that cabbage is eaten in so many parts of the world. It lends itself well to a wide range of flavors from curries to curtidos to Thai salads.

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